30a/40a Waterproof relay with Harness

30a/40a Waterproof relay with Harness
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  • Item #: BRWPR
  • Manufacturer: Burkey Racing
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: BRWPR
  • Condition: New
Waterproof 5 wire relay.  This relay can be wired as a normally open or a normally closed circuit.  It can handle 30a normally closed and 40a normally open.  
- relay
- wiring harness
- connector
- mounting bracket
  • Waterproof construction & heavy duty 12AWG wires for the main contact.
  • Bosch style 5-Pin SPDT (Single Pole Double Throw) Relay.
  • 12VDC (14V Max) and 40A/30A High Switching Capability.
  • Wire Specifications: Black - Ground (85), Red - VDC (30), White - Trigger (86), Yellow - Output N/C (87a), and Blue - Output N/O (87).
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