Hi-Lift UTV Jack

Hi-Lift UTV Jack
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  • Item #: UTV-364 UTV-424
  • Manufacturer: Warn
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: UTV-364 UTV-424
  • Condition: New

Hi-Lift Jack UTV jacks should be on your list of must-haves when going 4-wheeling. Hi-Lift jacks have been a main staple of off-roaders for many years and have an incredible reputation. UTV jacks are shortened versions of Hi-Lift's cast/steel jacks used by Jeeps and other 4x4s on trails around the world. They feature a multipurpose tool on the top end, which can be attached anywhere on the jacks and used for winching, clamping, and as a spreader tool. Although these units do all of those jobs well, where they really shine is in their intended use. Tires normally don't blow a bead on easy sections of trails, which is why these jacks have a wide base, a great securing mechanism, and a long arm for tackling the issues. Off-roading is challenging, fun, and always an adventure. Remember to always wheel with at least one other vehicle, and never forget Hi-Lift Jack Company UTV jacks and other essentials.

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