Jake Burkey's High Steer Arms

Jake Burkey's High Steer Arms
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  • Manufacturer: Branik
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: HIGH STEER ARMS
  • Condition: New

These high steer arms are totally legit! They have king pin spring eliminators built into the arms. They are 1 ½” thick, and are keyed over the top of the ENTIRE knuckle. You heard me right! If you don’t believe us check out the pictures to your left. If you are wanting beef, these high steer arms are at the top of the beefy scale! Trust us when we say, these are NOT your grandmothers high steer arms!!


Jake Burkey high steer arms do come in pairs. They are manufactured by Branik Motorsports, AND are custom designed by Jake Burkey himself!! He wouldn’t “steer” you wrong...


*** machining is required***

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Price $575.00
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