Lokar Locking Dipstick TH350/Th400 Trans Bellhousing Mount

Lokar Locking Dipstick TH350/Th400 Trans Bellhousing Mount
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  • Item #: 1213137
  • Manufacturer: Lokar
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 1213137
  • Condition: New

Transmission Dipstick, Locking, Braided Stainless Steel/Natural, Black Handle, Bellhousing Mount, TH400, Each


Bellhousing mount transmission dipsticks are recommended for dragster, street rod, or other applications with ample clearance to the bellhousing. These are not recommended for vehicles with minimal clearance between the bellhousing and firewall or transmission tunnel.


Lokar's Anchor-Tight locking transmission dipsticks match right up with other Lokar accessories. They feature a locking mechanism that eliminates the expulsion of the dipstick handle under transmission pressure. They're constructed from 6061 aluminum with a flexible inner dipstick measuring cable. All Lokar products are made in the USA and carry a lifetime warranty.

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