Lugnut4x4 Newer 14 bolt full float disc brake conversion kit

Lugnut4x4 Newer 14 bolt full float disc brake conversion kit
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  • Item #: Newer 14bolt full float disc kit
  • Manufacturer: Lugnut 4x4
  • Condition: New

14 bolt axles are heavy, and lets face it Drum brakes suck.  This kit replaces the factory 14 bolt drum brakes with disc brakes and saves nearly 100 pounds!  The installed kit is much more reliable, easier to work on, and looks much better.  

Requires at least 16″ wheels.

I am selling a complete bolt on disc brake conversion kit for $390 including shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 states! Yep I really mean complete – here’s what you get:

3/8″ thick laser cut brackets
grade 8 bolts
new GM rotors (these slide on outside the hub like factory drums)
rebuilt GM calipers with steel pistons
high quality semi metallic brake pads
new inner hub seals
new caliper pins
rubber flex hoses
banjo bolts with copper washers
anti-rattle clips

This kit is for the 14 bolt full float Single Rear Wheel newer style (1988 and up) slide on drums for stock vehicles. From 88 into the mid 90’s it could have either type of drums. The best way is to check the axle. There are pics in my FAQ.

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Price $390.00
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