NFS Steering Stabilizer

NFS Steering Stabilizer
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  • Item #: RXJ2002
  • Manufacturer: Rubicon Express
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: RXJ2002
  • Condition: New

Rubicon Express adjustable Neutral Force Steering (NFS) stabilizers are ideal additions to help reduce steering vibration, wear and tear of your steering components, and provide ultimate control for your Jeep's steering. The internal spring neutralizes the gas pressure preventing a push in the direction opposite the shaft. While traditional stabilizers create a non-linear steering response or a push to one side as the shock wants to extend on itself, Rubicon NFS stabilizers offer adjustability and a negative spring inside the stabilizer. This design offsets the force generated by increased gas pressure caused by the shaft displacing fluid inside the stabilizer, allowing for return to center.

Features and benefits of Rubicon NFS stabilizers include: 

* Less-exposed shaft reduces chance for rock and road debris damage
* Machined 6061 aluminum ends with Teflon-lined spherical bearings
* 2 in. body diameter with Torco RFF 5 racing shock oil
* 1045 steel Nitrocarb rod prevents chipping that destroys seals
* Internal metering rod provides 13 stages of adjustability
* Piggyback reservoir offers more fluid capacity to maintain neutral force
* Tie rod clamp made from 6061 billet aluminum to fit stock tie rod
* Compact lighter design packs high force and technology
* Clear coat zinc body finish

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