Solid Axle Dana 60 Kingpin Inner Cs (PAIR)

Solid Axle Dana 60 Kingpin Inner Cs (PAIR)
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  • Item #: SA0460FGKP
  • Manufacturer: Solid Axle
  • Condition: New

Solid Axle Forged kingpin Inner Cs!  Slide these onto your axle tube, set your desired caster and weld them out.  These are built to take serious abuse!  Reinforced in key areas to eliminate bending and breaking associated with the factory inner Cs.  

Price is for a PAIR of Cs


• Forged from alloy steel. 
• Available in 3.00 inch bore sizes, but can be bored larger. 
• Based off the Dana 70 Inner knuckle. 
• Designed to work with all kingpin inner knuckles.


• Interchangeable with all standard kingpin parts.
• Great for new axle builds and narrowing old axles.

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Price $419.99
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