TMR Customs Atlas/Dana300/NP231 support KIT

TMR Customs Atlas/Dana300/NP231 support KIT
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  • Item #: TMR Atlas Support KIT
  • Manufacturer: TMR Customs
  • Condition: New

ATLAS Transfer Case Support "KIT" - Requires Welding

NEW 2 piece design can be installed without removing your driveshaft or rear yoke!!!

TMR Atlas Supports use hex head bolts for clamping instead of cap screws for easy install and to prevent stripping the cap screw head. The profile of the ring is cnc laser cut, and the center is bored to a slip fit to precisely match the output housing. 



  • Fits all transfer cases with a 3.9" output diameter 
  • Fits Atlas, as well as Dana 300 or NP231 with advance adapters HD tailshaft conversion
  • Kit includes the following:
  • transfer case support ring 
  • 2 x poly bushing halves 
  • DOM tubing inner and outer sleeves
  • all necessary grade 8 fasteners
  • 2 x mounting tabs


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