UM3 mount w/22oz FIREADE

UM3 mount w/22oz FIREADE
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There is nothing more important than safety when it comes to this sport. BKOR will always put safety as the number one priority. As the industry continues to change and evolove, so does our measure for safety. Every offroad vehicle whether it be a side by side, jeep, or rockbouncer needs some form of fire extinguisher. The sale going on now lets you purchase a UM3 mount and receive a FREE 22oz FIREADE!! We hope everyone can enjoy this deal no matter what vehicle you're "still gonna send it" in!!

UM3 Black Composite Mounting Bracket 


  • USA Made
  • 100% ultra lightweight composite
  • The bottom half can be mounted to a flat surface or a tube. It has a slight radius down the center of it.
  • Can be bolted down or hose clamped to the tube
  • All stainless steel hardware
  • Single pin quick release with tether
  • Can hold any cylindrical device such as a fire extinguisher, gas cylinders or flash lights.

Known Fire Extinguisher Diameters:

  • Amerex / H3R Performance 1 Pound: 2-5/8"
  • Amerex / H3R Performance 2.5 Pound: 3"
  • Amerex / H3R Performance 5 Pound: 4-1/4"
  • Amerex / H3R Performance 10 Pound: 5-1/16"
  • Kidde 2 Pound: 3-1/4"

Maglite D Cell Battery Flashlight Diameter:

  • 1-1/2"

                                             hose clamps are sold separately

FIREADE Personal Extinguisher

 These Fire Extinguishers are small and light weight so you can put them anywhere.  They work extremely well for offroad vehicles!

FireAde 2000 is the most complete and user friendly firefighting agent produced in the world. Numerous firefighting agents claim to be Class A and B compliant; however they comply with NFPA 18/2006 wetting agent classification only. This classification is recognized within the fire service solely as a Class A agent. FireAde® 2000 complies with NFPA 18/2006 wetting agent and UL 162 foam liquid concentrate. This awards FireAde® 2000 a "TRUE" Class A and B classification approval. FireAde® 2000 eliminates all of the long-established issues of Class B foams; it will not clog, gum, or corrode foam systems and equipment. The global environmental impact system (EIS) for firefighting foams rates all foams on acute aquatic toxicity. FireAde® 2000 rates lower than the majority of Class A foams with the USDA forestry approval and declared fluorine free foams. FireAde® 2000 offers the simplicity of using one product to extinguish multiple classifications of fire. This allows fire departments and fire brigades to increase their stocking supply by just using one product, FireAde® 2000.


UL/UL Canada/ 162 Listed Foam Liquid Concentrate 14CY, NFPA 11 and 16, for non- miscible, non-polar solvents or hydrocarbon fuels.

UL/UL Canada/ Wetting Agent Classified in accordance with ANSI/NFPA 18-2006 for physical properties and fire extinguishment 93V0.

ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization performance Level B approved.

ISO Insurance Services Organization compliant for Class B foam.

EN 1568-3:2008 foam liquid concentrate approved.


FireAde® 2000 is compatible with other brands of foam as finished foam.

FireAde® 2000 is compatible with other FireAde 2000 products as concentrates.

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