Weatherproof Relay/Fuse center

Weatherproof Relay/Fuse center
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  • Item #: BKrelaycenter
  • Manufacturer: Burkey Racing
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: BKrelaycenter
  • Condition: New

We searched high and low for a really nice waterproof power distibution center and could not find one.  We ended up contracting a professional wiring company to build us a distribution center to our specifications. 

- Compact unit with fuses and relays in one spot

- 100% dust and water proof. 

- pre-wired with (8) 30 amp fused circuits that will run just about any buggy, jeep, sand rail, ultra 4, UTV, etc. 

- 3' of wire for switches and 7' of wire for each accessory. 

- 12ga flame retardant wire.   

- positive trigger system

- Each accessory will be grounded at the accessory with no return grounds to the distribution center.   The distribution center has one ground wire for triggering the relays

- Positive buss bar built into the system for additional positive wires if needed

- Comes with (4) spare fuses and fuse puller

- relays and fuses are very tight and will not come loose in bumpy conditions

- all relays are wired in the normally open position.  Relays can easily be changed to be normally closed.



We designed the system to keep people from forgetting to turn on vital systems their vehicle needs for operation.  Far to many times people forget to turn their fans on and over heat their engine or cook a transmission because they diddnt flip the switch.  Our system uses one switch to operate 5 circuits.  They can be wired any way but we recommend the fuel pump, engine computer, cooling fans, and transmission fans all be wired to switch 1.  This way everything needed to operate the vehicle safely is on one circuit.  The other 3 circuits can be used to run accessories like light bars, rock lights, rear steer, radio, etc.  This configuration can be changed easily but is what we recommend.  

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